Wednesday, December 10, 2008

date night tradition

one of my most anticipated Christmas traditions is the date night mark and I schedule in early fall when we order our tickets for Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village. the village is a collection of historic buildings from the 18th century- from the Firestone Farm, to Thomas Edison's laboratories, and of course Henry Ford's Model Ts. during Holiday Nights, employees dress in costume; fire pits and warming stations are set up all around the village; carolers stroll through the streets; houses are decorated period style; the Model Ts run with passengers covered in blankets; horse drawn wagons ride up and down the streets carrying guests singing Christmas carols; and the ice skating rink is full of young and old alike.
the first year we attempted to make a special family memory by taking the boys. needless to say, it wasn't the evening mark and I had envisioned. after our early departure year one, year two we made it a date night. last year, mark injured his back in early december, and we were unable to attend. so this year, we were both looking forward to continuing our Christmas tradition.

we asked s.o.r. to get behind the camera and take a rare photo of just mom and dad:
and then we turned the camera on ourselves, just for fun:
the village carolers: it was really cold saturday night and snowing off and on during the entire night. when we reached the ice skating rink, mark encouraged me to give it a try. he had given me skating lessons for Christmas in 2006. the first lesson, shelly asked me why I wanted to learn how to skate. my response was- "to be able to skate at Greenfield Village during Holiday Nights." how surprised was I when she said- "I do that." "You do that?" "Yes, the village hires me to skate around the rink all night in costume." oh my goodness!

so I learned how to make my way around the rink without falling and actually graduated level 1 with flying colors. unfortunately I haven't been on the ice for over a year and the skates I borrowed didn't have toe picks! yikes! my beginning wasn't pretty, but I managed a few laps around the rink. and guess who was there? shelly! my ice skating instructor!
needless to say, it was an all round special evening with my wonderful husband! thanks sweet!


Liz said...

It does sond like a wonderful time!

stitching under oaks said...

How cute you two look. I'm so glad it was a special night. The snow makes it even more Christmasy.

mark said...

i love that you love the things that i love. and i love that you skated for me this year! i remember the evening last year like it was yesterday. dealing with the back pain and the deeper sadness of missing the night i had been looking forward to all year.

i did not miss the significance of you skating for me this year. it had been a year since you were on the ice. there was the potential fear of failure in front of strangers, and the discomfort of not exactly the right size skates. but you put me first, and that amazing smile that is vintage kristyn, showed the genuine joy of doing something you had wanted to do for years, and the love that you have for me. you are capital A amazing! and more than i love that you love what i love, i just love you!

Jessica said...

How sweet is Marks comment? Awww. ;)

I loved this post! The pictures of you two, the carolers, and you skating! Sweet.