Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas joy

we're in full Christmas mode around here. this is such a special season! I love the anticipation of the celebration day for Jesus, the all over the house decorating my husband requires, the making and buying of special gifts, the family traditions, and the time spent with family each and every year, for being with family is most important.

so, here are just a few of the special things making me joyful these days:
a Christmas tree full of favorite ornaments:
a crystal bowl filled with antique ornaments:
our antique scale full of cookie cutters:
our Christmas goose greeting everyone at the front door:
hand created and painted ornaments by Mark for each of the boys:
celebrating Jesus at the annual Christmas Program:

I used to think "Family Traditions" were only the 'big' things you did each Christmas season. the 'martha stewart' magazine type moments- when everyone is in matching outfits, the house is perfectly clean, the lighting is wonderful, everyone is smiling... you know the photos. but is that really how life is? NO! life doesn't match; life is unpredictable; life is messy; life is imperfect; life is meant to be lived moment by moment. planning is helpful, but flexibility ruled this year. this year I realized it's both the big and small things we do each and every year that make it a tradition filled Christmas. 
these are some of our family traditions:
*celebrating advent with our Wendell August Forge advent ornaments 
*holiday nights at Greenfield Village
*a family Christmas tree decorated by mom
*Christmas trees in each of the boys' rooms with all their special ornaments
*outside decorations and lights
*personalized ornaments for each of the boys; a significant event, movie, sport chosen by them; the ornament created, cut, and painted by dad {see this year's ornaments above}
*photo Christmas cards
*unique gift tags each year
*a mom's day out with sor and cer to the local ceramic studio to paint a special piece for daddy
*a combination of handmade and purchased gifts
*a baking day for my favorite cookies (to give as gifts)- seven layer and peanut butter blossoms
*a baking night for caramel corn
*travel to be with family
*a school Christmas program
*a church Christmas program
*driving around looking at Christmas lights
*Christmas Pudding by mark
*Christmas t-shirts and Christmas pjs
*holiday movies
*holiday crafts for me and for the boys
*Christmas Eve service at church

so whatever your traditions are, have fun celebrating!


mark said...

my Christmas joy is you.

Liz said...

We are still working on creating our traditions... but a few we have are: decorating the tree together, having small trees in the kids' rooms, and opening one gift a day starting a few days before Christmas.

Sarah S. said...

Merry Christmas!

stitching under oaks said...

love all the things that make you smile. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and time together.