Thursday, May 8, 2008

27 hours, 16 relations, 3 day trip

we arrived home on sunday night from our whirlwind trip to the east coast. we drove 27 hours and saw 16 family and friends in our 3 day trip. WOW! we were awake driving more than we were sleeping the entire weekend, but oh how sweet the memories! thank you lord for safe travels and a working vehicle. this was our last "long trip" in the caravan. the chrysler town & country arrives this week.

it took me all week to get caught up on rest (is that possible?) and a long to-do list. we travel again this weekend, so I left two of our bags packed.

preparing for this long trip took me many, many hours. being prepared for cold weather and warm weather all in one trip- what to do, what to do?

"finally! new sneakers! thanks mom!" i'm sure that's what the boys had to be thinking last week.

along the way-the boys enjoy spending nights in hotels. hampton inn beds are our favorite.
we found a great pit stop for mark. i asked the boys to watch for a knit shop, but no one seemed to be able to find one.

we started out visiting mark's grandma in new york. we enjoyed lunch at an italian restaurant, watched the boys play baseball, and visited a lot of mark's childhood memory spots.

we then drove to philadelphia for the main event-andelyn's graduation. great food and great family moments. next stop... grandma mcguirk's house to visit great-grandma, aunt bonnie, and trey. connor decided he wanted to be our photographer for the day. my four year old did a great job don't you think?

and our resting spot before the long trip home...the quick's house. our best friends who we call family. aunt lisa, uncle john, maggie, kenzie, john samuel, and molly welcomed us with open arms! I so enjoyed walking through lisa's garden, watching the kids play, talking knit speak with my favorite knitting buddy, and wanting to stay and linger at the retreat that is their home much, much longer.

a welcoming entry, a beautiful garden, an amazing nest built by one of God's creatures, swoosh, a new bike for connor from john samuel, a crazy pose, best friends

and of course there was knitting along the way. check back for pictures of my completed project and the in process.

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Anonymous said...

i miss you so much...wished you could have stayed longer too....we ended up in the immediate care for John's finger that day. i'll fill you in...