Wednesday, April 30, 2008

veras for everyone

this is my sister kathy and I as we start our journey to ft. wayne, indiana for the vera bradley factory sale. our time slot was from 3:00-6:00 pm; we left at 7:45 am with the plan of meeting mom and aunt karen for lunch at noon. we were both jazzed and ready for a great day of shopping. we weren't even a block away from the house when kathy pumped up the volume on her "must love dogs" cd; we deemed it the "chick music" for the day. after finishing our mcdonald's 'not so healthy' breakfast (day off from weight watchers), we called mom and aunt karen to see how jazzed they were. let's just say the older folks were still waking up and hadn't hit their excited stage yet.

we made it to panera with time to spare and with more excitement than we had planned. mark and i had been dealing with mr. kempthorn on the purchase of a new chrysler town and country van. so throughout the morning and lunch my cell phone was ringing off the hook! off the hook would also describe the deal we got on our new van!!! mother's day weekend is going to be very special for the entire family, as we take delivery on our new van.
now back to the sale details...

kathy and I are back home safe and sound with many treasures! we both stayed within our budgets and only came home with two items each for ourselves. aunt karen outspent everyone with a receipt that read a gazillon dollars. okay, okay, she was also purchasing for christy and elizabeth, so we knew going into the sale that she would blow us away, and she did!

we also purchased vera bags for friends and family. lisa- these bags are for you! i hope you love them!

in love with everything we found, we slipped into dream land...dreaming of next year's sale already! check back for more pictures of actual sale-those are on mom's camera. oh, and don't forget the new van, pictures of that will follow as well.

thanks for a great day kath, mom, and aunt karen. it was special to spend the day with you doing one of our favorite things-shopping for vera! but more important was the time of bonding and blessings.

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