Monday, April 28, 2008

ducks in a row

it's monday. sorry i've been away. i had a busy finish to my last week and a full weekend. one of my many blessings was adding these flowers to my kitchen table. my favorite! from our sideyard.

we're gearing up for a trip (michigan to philadelphia, pa) for andelyn's graduation from pbu. i've been getting my "ducks in a row" for a stress free family trip.

connor enjoyed talking while miss cindy gave him a great cut!

i started the layout and pack the boys process.

and of course there are the knitting projects to do while riding:
i have frogged this throw four times! the stitching isn't that hard, just can't get it. this is a christmas gift for a special someone. looks like i've gotten it back on track!

we decided tonight that we'll be stopping in maryland for a quick visit to my aunt lynne, aunt bonnie and grandma's house. in addition, my best friend lisa's house will be on our route home! she'll be the saving grace of my "thorpe" that i've been trying to start with absolutely no success!

and i just purchased susan b. anderson's book itty bitty hats and yarn to begin a basic (easy) baby hat. can't wait for this project to begin.

and my last project...will be what i start with. i'll be making granny smith apple dishcloths for connor's preschool teachers and attach them to pc hand soaps. you can't see it, but in the middle of the cloth is an apple. i think they're cute!

thanks for stopping by today. talk to you later! love, k

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