Monday, April 28, 2008

creative play

baseball fever has hit our house. the boys are watching, playing, practicing, and reinacting at every turn. sunday before we left for church the boys had set up a virtual "baseball card game." we had two teams of baseball card players. the cards were at every fielding position and batting as well.
spencer was scoring the game with his bb notebook while connor was "running the bases."

not growing up a boy, i don't quite understand this obsession with baseball. the constant tossing and catching of the balls in the house sometimes drives me crazy. i look at mark for reassurance that i'm not going totally "batty" and receive the reassurance that yes, this is how boys are. mark remembers doing these exact same things when he was growing up-down to the play by play commentary of the winning home run out in our virtual world series stadium (our backyard). i wonder how his mom felt. was she the ultimate defender of her son at games? did she practice with him in the backyard? did she go somewhat crazy with the constant motion? i'm sure she was all of these, just like this mom who loves her boys.
it's a blessing to see that in our world of electronic gadgets, tv shows, and fast pace living, that imagination isn't dead. moments like these will live in my memory for always.

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