Monday, August 1, 2011

almost Christmas in july!

I can't believe it's time for a (late) ADVENTure post! it seems like our summer days are passing by so quickly.

check, check in july:
* three additional dish cloths for the collection
* updated gift list with new ideas
* assembled a 2011 holiday album
* knitting still in progress
* Christmas card photo of boys

each year the "December Daily" scrapbook theme always draws me in. but considering that I finished my 2009 December Daily album just a few short months ago, I haven't been very successful at completing them. this year I chose a simpler route.
I had all the supplies on hand and spent a few hours on a saturday bringing the elements together:
1. K&Company red cloth album from Target
2. favorite holiday scrapbook papers and stickers from my stash
I'm trying to simplify all aspects of my life right now... so I kept this album very simple and uncluttered. I used a 4x6 photo as a guide to cut a matting template for each page. the same size photo mat was attached to each page adding additional papers and stickers where I could.

when the holiday photos start flying in, I'll adhere them to the pages, add the story, and call it done. I'm learning that capturing single moments and telling individual stories is more valuable to me (and hopefully to my family) than showcasing multiple pictures of one event.

and this project is still on the needles, new needles I should say. after finishing and frogging one, because I didn't check gauge before starting...I'm back on track and will share soon!
tips of the month:
you may want to visit monika's blog for some awesome Christmas In July ideas! this post was one of my favorites.

if you enjoy sending out photo Christmas cards, think about taking your photo during the summer! a picture of the kids or the entire family at your weekend cottage, vacation destination, beautiful garden, or favorite family summer spot can easily check one additional holiday stress of your list! we already have ours!!

just a note of thanks:
I continue to be so thankful for those of you taking this year-long journey with me and leaving such wonderfully nice comments! I hope you're celebrating your successes and wish you a productive and fun month of august! now don't forget to link up your ADVENTure posts here:


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

After finishing my Christmas afghan (FINISHED!!!), I haven't made progress on much else. There's been so much outside stuff to do. Maybe I can handle getting a family photo together before two certain children leave for college. Thanks for the suggestion.

stitching under oaks said...

LOVE your the fun part will be filliing it up with great memories. How many dishcloths are in your stash now? I'll be you have a bunch all waiting in their glory. thanks for the new blog links....looks like a lot of great ideas.

Liz said...

Making the album ahead of time is genus!

Imene said...

I love your album. I have been slowly reducing my scrapbooking stash, I am thinking if it becomes simpler I might do it more often.
Thank you for the new blog links!

Denise said...

Knitting went slow for me for a while, but I'm back at it now:-)
Love your album.

Lap Dog Knits said...

Happy're right, it is time to begin thinking and preparing for Christmas.

I've got a few sets of gloves done and vests and scarf are on the needles...happy weekend to you

Gigi said...

Hi K,

Look at you all organized and efficient! I haven't done a single thing this month -- sorry ;(. Seems we've been too busy running up and down the road. I'm going to NC next Sat. and staying 2 weeks - can't wait to get away from this awful heat! I hope to get a little knitting done while I'm there, so I can catch up.



At Home Mommy Knits said...

Well clearly I am all talk :). I have been saying all year that I will get stuff done for Christmas early but nothing so far. I have organized all my holiday recipes into a sort of family cookbook...does that count? As always your blog is beautiful and inspiring.

Modisch Schreibt said...

Goodness gracious, where have you been ???? I have terribly missed your posts...