Tuesday, April 5, 2011


many thanks to you for your kind comments. this week I'll be trying to find a balance between words, pictures, and details. I'll be letting the words from my travel journal, my memory and my photos all do some talking.

Monday in Mannheim
mark and I traveled over the weekend to allow for a bit of transition time before his work began. I have to admit that after he left on Monday, I was so tempted to stay in the hotel and sleep all day using 'tired' as an excuse. but this little voice inside my head said, "do you want the only pictures of your trip to be of this hotel?" the answer was a resounding "no" so I tackled my fear and (with some help) made my way to Mannheim.
"After detailed instructions and detailed maps, I made my way to the "train" = streetcar "station" = stop, a few blocks from the hotel. The lady I asked for help using the ticket machine didn't speak english, so I took pictures of the entire machine and walked back to the hotel for help from Christine. She chuckled at my photos..."good idea," she said. And back to the station I went with 2,20 euro in hand."
this is a look down the street in two directions. Above- to the main station in Mannheim. you can also see the local train I traveled on to the left. and Below- down the main shopping street.
"I made it! It's beautiful outside- sunny with a light breeze. I'm sitting in Parade-Platz with lots of people. I'm hearing- shoes on pavement, church bells, and talking in German. I'm seeing- lots of smoking, very few people on cell phones, and very few people in sneakers."
This photo was the start of what would become a collection of clocks. In each town or city I visited, I always found a new and interesting clock. this is on the Mannheim Castle- Barockschloss, which is now one of the most beautiful universities in Germany- Mannheim University.
Also at this location is the Catholic Church- Schlosskirche Mannheim set up as the court chapel. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would play here during his visits to Mannheim.

I'm noticing:
lift = elevator
WC = toilet
StraBe = Strasse
the Easter holiday is really popular

Tomorrow I'll share details from my two visits Worms!


mark said...

it's like being there all over again! you did such an amazing job journaling and chronicling each day, so i am thrilled that you have chosen to use excerpts verbatim to enhance your pictures and recollections. the trip would have been lifeless without you. thanks for making it the meaningful adventure it was while we were there, and allowing me (and others) to relive it now that we are back home. love you ... me

p.s. i just looked up the word "relive" to make sure i wasn't supposed to hyphenate it, and i love the "world english dictionary" definition i found. so perfect ... to experience (a sensation, event, etc) again, esp in the imagination

jamie said...

Oh, I love hearing about your experiences in Germany. Fun! We were military, stationed around this same area, for three years. I had my oldest son in Frankfurt. Sounds like you had a nice time. The time change is kind of killer. Sleep lots!

jamie said...

Oh, yeah, Easter is a very big deal. They even have Easter Monday, which is nice.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Lovely photos! What a brave lady to tackle a foreign country like that!

stitching under oaks said...

ahhhh, I read a book to my kids this fall about Mozart and we read about Manheim. I didn't put that together until I saw your notes in this post. Love the bravery of you! I'm still just shaking my head at you traveling all alone for the bulk of the week in a foreign country. You are amazing and I'm so glad you had a great time!

Gloria said...

Hi Kristyn,

I really enjoyed going back through your posts of your trip. Amazing photos, amazing history...WOW! :) I am so glad you overcame your fear and got out there to document your trip. I really LOVE the photo of the church ceiling and church pews. I am in awe that Mozart played there! What a treat for you guys to be able to take such a trip!!

Have a great week!! Thanks for sharing...:)

xoxo Gloria

Larissa said...

Love seeing the city through your photos! So glad you had a great time. I agree with everyone else - how very brave of you to venture out and explore all by yourself in a foreign county. (Taking a photo of the ticket machine is brilliant!) I'm on my own - with three kiddos - for a super long spring break this week and i miss my husband a ton!

I owe you an email - or two - to thank you for a lovely, thoughtful and yummy gift. we LOVE it! and i LOVE the cards! I am so scattered that i actually thought i sent you an email a week ago. i've been enjoying the lifesavers along with my kiddos and thinking of you and smiling a lot. my kiddos have been home for over a week and don't go back to school until monday and i'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to make their break fun - because they miss their dad and with he was going on all our adventures with us. i've also stepped out of my comfort zone a ton as i drive to far away places and spend nights away from home with my kiddos on my own. I'll be thinking of you and your adventures in germany as i head out on a solo adventure today. we are out the door - had to stop by here to say thank you for everything!!! Talk to you on monday, friend!

a friend to knit with said...

you are one smart cookie to take that photo to use as a tool for help! LOVE technology! :)

i love everything you noticed. and love that you were totally in the moment.

and AWWW! just read mark's comment.
love it... and being able to "relive" moments.

APA said...

Perhaps you've considered yourself a bit reserved, but your creativity has allowed you a beautiful personal expression that set you out the door, safe and sound in your incredible person, to take in the sights, sounds and presence of the people and place around you.

You've made me excited to travel with a journal again. And that doesn't surprise me as you inspire in so many ways.