Thursday, March 31, 2011

paper crazy

during last year's ADVENTure, I created this for two special young girls in my life. this year, I decided to make a version of ali's december daily for each of them- a place to record their Christmas memories as well as a few photos.

I love mini-scrapbooks!! I think the size takes the intimidation out of the whole "scrapbook" process. I used pre-made kits for the structure then embellished with papers, ribbon, and stickers.
an added benefit to making these two mini scraps is that I was also able to take the time to complete my December Daily from 2008! I created this scrap from re-purposed cardboard (some cereal boxes and some paper dividers) before the Christmas season started, but stalled when I couldn't keep up with the "daily" part of the project. so it sat. and sat. and sat. when I looked through the amount still left to do to finish, I jumped in!

oh the freedom finishing brings. now, instead of thinking "I really need to finish that," I smile and enjoy the glance it receives.

for my april ADVENTure projects, I'll be venturing back into punch needle and knitting. see you then! and don't forget to link up your most recent ADVENTure post with the rest of us!

tip of the month: think about how you will record the moments of your holiday. will you use photos? a journal? videos? a combination? I believe the moments of our lives are meant to be lived, recorded, and remembered. I hope you'll try something new this year to record your moments.


stitching under oaks said...

Love the mini scrapbooks...they are so fun. your 2008 december daily is just as fabulous as if it were completed back then. Love the ribbon on the front cover. Check, check. good for your girl!

Gigi said...

Hi K! Love the little scrapbooks! For some reason, scrapbooking gives me the heebie jeebies -- all those piles of paper and pictures I guess (I have a paperwork phobia ;). Maybe I'll try a digital one . . . someday ;).

Denise said...

They look great:) I hope to do an update soon, got a bit behind and haven't done much gift knitting as I was knitting myself a top! It's off the needles now, so back to gift knits in April :)

Imene said...

I love those mini scrapbooks! I haven't found the way to my scrapbooking supplies in a just inspired me to go dig for them