Thursday, March 3, 2011

paper ADVENTure

the month off from knitting and stitching has been good. really good. the days have taken me in all different directions from mothering sick ones to rediscovering creative loves to celebrating a new year of living. and while I started stitching again last night, I'm desiring a little more balance in my creative life going forward (more on this in another post).

the projects I created in February, for myself and my ADVENTure, all centered around my love of paper and memory keeping.

:: project 1 ::
I drew inspiration from Stacy Julian's book Big Picture Scrapbooking for this mini-scrap for a *L* in my life. I covered these outback steakhouse coasters with pretty papers on one side and her name on the other and a ribbon running through all. my hope is that she captures a few special memories here.

:: project 2 ::
after making these, I decided a special someone might enjoy the gift of cards, so I've started a "year of cards" collection for this gift. each time I make cards, I'm making a few extra and tucking them away. this month I added valentines and thank you's.

:: project 3 ::
this year (february 2011 to february 2012) I'm moving one of my scrapbook ideas from the "to-do" list to the "to-done" list. the skeleton frame is now complete for my "all about me at forty three" scrapbook.
my desire is to not only capture special moments but also special "things" about me at this age. growing up I don't remember thinking of my mom as a woman with hopes, dreams, wants, and needs of her own...she was just "my mom." some day my boys may look back on these years and say: "mom was always creating something; and she had these friends online that she cherished; and why did she take pictures of the mundane in our life?" this scrapbook is intended to explain some of that.

tip of the month: start thinking about the holiday sweet treats you love and love to make. some of the recipes you love to eat may not be the same ones you love to make.

like baking cookies? pick your three favorite recipes, and stick with those. holiday baking doesn't have to be about ten different varieties and the stress they bring with them!

and for those of you looking for a new may want to bookmark these for future use- peppermint whoopie pies.

I know many of you have been diligently creating for your own ADVENTure. link up with others to share your thoughts and ideas. please remember to link to your specific post(s) that are ADVENTure related.


mark said...

can i just say, "i love reading your posts!"? they are so deep and vibrant, caring, thoughtful and insightful.

i love being a regular recipient of your creativity, talent and heart. and also sharing in your excitement and joy in creating and gifting to others. no fair, though, keeping a secret about the intent of that scrapbook. people are walking by my office wondering why i am tearing up just sitting and looking at my monitor. i'll just tell them it's eye fatigue! but really, it's more like eye love you!

Meg said...

Oh, my goodness, now I'm tearing up! You are doing some wonderful things!

Gigi said...

Hi Little Friend! I've been looking for you. I'm so glad your month off has been good! And finding that illusive balance is always a good thing.
I love the idea of making a scrapbook about yourself. I know it will be a treasure -- b/c you are!

Gloria said...

Your cards are beautiful! I know the scrapbook will be too...:)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

XOXO Gloria

Denise said...

Cute cards... I'm plodding along with knitting :)

stitching under oaks said...

wonderful projects and gifts that you were able to create in the midst of resting some other areas of your creative spirit. isn't God good? Love how your creativity always blesses. I'm working on my ADVENTure post....

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh Kristyn, you are such a sweetie! I love all the creating you have been doing, even when somewhat incapacitated. It looks like you managed quite well! Your husband's comments really say it all.

I've got some Advent stuff to post as well, but capturing good pictures is challenging....With brighter days ahead, maybe I can snap away in daylight after work!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love the coasters and what a great idea about making extra cards! I have only planned on things to make for my ADVENTure but so far haven't actually made them :)....maybe this weekend.

Stephanie said...

Your cards are just wonderful!

Larissa said...

Love the idea of repurposing the coasters to make a scrap book! Your cards are so beautiful - these 'thank you' gems are no exception.

Such a great idea to make a scrapbook about this year in your life - in fact we should make one for each and every year. we mamas are forever snapping photos of the kiddos and all that they are up to that we forget that we have a life and thoughts and play that we need to document. I've been thinking similar thoughts about documenting more of what i'm up to and who i am about on a daily basis (maybe on my blog). Love your posts - you really make me think, lady!

i'll link to your Adventure as soon as i post something that i haven't already gifted - i can't seem to make any gifts to put away for the holiday season!