Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(many) words for wednesday

I am reading this in book study right now, and we've reached the chapter on "the practice of celebration." after reading it, I'm realizing I may need to be more joyful!! can I admit that and not be judged? knowing myself all too well, over the next several weeks busyness and stress will try to steal my joy (as they've done so many times before). with new insight and new disciplines to practice, my hope is to keep my focus on joy and thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy these quotes and a few paper projects that brought me joy over the last few weeks.

We are invited to rejoice in every moment of life
because every moment is a gift.

Joyfulness is a learned skill.

...your joy is your responsibility.

People who want to pursue joy
especially need to practice
the discipline of celebration.

When we celebrate,
we exercise our ability to see and feel goodness
in the simplest gifts of God.

True joy, as it turns out,
comes only to those
who have devoted their lives
to something greater than personal happiness.

-John Ortberg


stitching under oaks said...

those are all great quotes! It is so easy (talking about myself here) to get off track with my thoughts and before I know it I've lost my joy. The practice of celebration sounds like a wonderful thing to focus on during these upcoming weeks. Thanks for this came at a much needed time.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You never fail to come up with wise words. I've been faltering, trying to find what it is that keeps me happy. Work's been very frustrating of late. I'm going to try SO HARD to concentrate on the joy and making others happier (and not bring my work troubles home). Thanks Kristyn.

APA said...

I've been reflecting this month on gratitude, documenting for my personal use something, however simple, for which I am thankful every day for these 30 days. Your post fits in beautifully, especially as we come upon the Christmas season which should be a celebration year round of love.

No matter what others may say or do, think by way of you, believe only in what you know to be true of your person.


Jessica said...

I completely relate. I struggle with this. I feel a constant sense of how grateful I am with all the many blessings in my life but I also find that I set (sometimes) unrealistic expectations for myself. That leaves me worn thin and pretty exhausted. I'm going to try to remember to slow down and try try try not to overwhelm myself with too many demands. I don't want to be so busy creating the moment that I miss it. Thanks for reminding me to practice joy.

You are so thoughtful! I absolutely love the little teacher gifts you made. You are a doer, a giver!

a friend to knit with said...

you are a wise woman, kristyn.
and extremely talented to boot!!!!!

big huge hugs....

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautifully said! When things get busy this time of year I just try to remind myself that it ceases to be magical and wonderful if I ruin it by being stressed. Definitely easier said then done though :). Thanks for the post.

Stephanie said...

What a great post, and one I need right about now! Sometimes I try so hard to bring joy to others by making sure I have handmade things for everyone for the holiday's and I lose my own joy. I will keep this in mind this season and focus on the joy as well. Have a nice weekend!
I love your paper crafts by the way, very cute!

From All Stitched Up said...

Very wise words ! Life is always such a balance it's nice to have these quotes to bring us back to celebrating.

The WoodLand School said...

Thank you for the words of wisdom! With an upcoming road trip (2 days!) to visit in-laws, I will be sure to re-read this post many times ;-)

Gloria said...

Beautiful words to go along with your amazing cards! We all need these words for this busy Season we are headed into! Thanks for sharing. There are so many JOY busters out there in our world. Sometimes it is hard to focus on the good. I am leaning on HIM for is a daily thing!!! :)