Thursday, August 5, 2010

july, where did you go?

seems like just yesterday I was saying "goodbye june" and "hello july," and now I need to say "hello august." but I can't yet...because I'm playing catch up!

can time be slow as a turtle and fast as a rabbit at the same time? this summer has been balanced by a good bit of home time and cherished away time. and while time has passed both slowly and quickly, july seemed to speed by.

:: we finished baseball season with two championship games ::
:: passed level one and level two in swimming lessons ::
:: spent five days in chicago for national conference ::
:: reunited and met new family at our annual reunion ::
:: vacationed with our best friends the quicks ::
:: and met a friend I knit with ::
I've crafted all along the way. I'll show you my projects next week, for tomorrow we begin our month of birthday celebrations!


Jane said...

What a great July! Hope August is as full!

stitching under oaks said...

Love all the snippets from your month of July. LOVE that we got to spend a week of it with you...and I'm so happy you and Leslie got to meet. What a wonderful end to your vacation. August is bound to be just as wonderful.

mark said...

i love that you captured our month that way. extremely special images that conjur vivid memories of time spent together, and with eternally special friends and family. you do such treasured work caring for us, and this is just one of the ways you do it. sometime memories in our minds get crowded out, since new ones are always being made, and we only have so much capacity to hold them. but an enduring chronicle allows us to revisit and rekindle the deep connection we have with the rich story and amazing people that make a 2D picture into a full sensory treasure.

love you, and all the people and places those pictures represent.

Gloria said...

You have been one busy girl! :)

What a fun Summer you have had, that is so great you got to meet new people and see great places!

I hope God blesses the rest of your Summer with joy too. :)

@}~`}~~~ Gloria

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a wonderful busy summer you have had!! Just the way it should be :)

Meg said...

What an awesome month! You sure have been having a good time!

Firefly said...

Hi Kristyn -- so glad to see that you all had such a fun filled month! Isn't it amazing how fast the summer months go by -- almost feel like we're caught up in some kind of speeding summer vortex. Here in my part of the world, school will be starting on the 23rd ;(. I have one of my granddaughters with me for another week then she'll be going home to get ready for school. Guess time truly does fly when you're having fun ;)?

Larissa said...

My, i have missed so much! Lisa and Leslie in one month! You have had a wonderful July. So much fun - enjoy the rest of your summer!