Monday, May 17, 2010

the gift of time

my sister gave me the most wonderful gift for my birthday this year...the gift of time. she and mark worked together to arrange a solo road trip for me to spend time with her. a time where I was required to make all the decisions about what we would do (the expectation being to do all my favorite things). here are a few bits and pieces of our time together.
{shopped- she bought two.}

{ate at fun restaurants}

{visited the knit shop and cross stitch shop}

{wandered around an art fair}
...where we met:{a wonderful photographer}
{a book store owner}
and {a retired couple crafting jewelry from silverware}
when we happened onto the art fair, we only had thirty minutes until closing- not enough time to see the whole show but only glance through closing tents. we saw so many wonderful booths we decided a come back trip was needed Sunday afternoon.

during our second trip, we met Bob (the creator) and Joan (the seller) of Silver "Wear" jewelry. I imagine they were a 70+ age couple. he would sell and share facts about his craft; she would quickly fill each slot with new product as pieces were sold. and I heard "I have a bracelet to match, would you like to see it?" as she serviced customers.

kathy began trying on rings then added a matching bracelet...sold! she was smiling from ear to ear with her new purchase. on our second trip around, I began trying on the same jewelry. I kept going back to the same ring I had encouraged my sister to may have guessed it- sold! I purchased the same set. it will always be a physical remembrance of the special weekend we shared together.

we weren't going to go to Delaware. we were going home to eat leftovers. I'm so thankful for the turn in the road and all the doors that were opened for us at the art fair. thanks for the wonderful gift and the treasured memories, kathy! I love you!


just kidding about the horse purchase...we were just having some fun!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

How wonderful to have a sister to share little adventures with and to share the memories you made. It looks like a super time for both of you.

mark said...

i remember that phone call in advance of your birthday. and kathy’s excitement about her idea of a gift of time. i quickly concurred that it would be infinitely more valuable than anything she could buy, and that you would love it. and it was settled.

and it was so great to hear the excitement in your voice as you recounted the details of this past weekend. and am so thankful for the unexpected joy that came from discovering the weekend fair. the experience of finding the treasured places and “things”, and taking the time to connect with the special people you found there, will not soon, and may not ever be forgotten.

i certainly expected the time would be valuable, but am also greatly encouraged to see that expectation far exceeded. thank you kathy for celebrating the incalculable value that is your sister, in such a special way. and for reminding us all of the truth that time and presence are our most precious earthly gifts.

and thank you sweet, for the amazing beauty that you are, and bring to all our lives. happy birthday all over again!

From All Stitched Up said...

Your Birthday? Happy Birthday ! I think this was just what you needed. How wonderful - this is the kind of shopping and relaxing I enjoy. I don't have a sister but my daughter does a good job humoring me sometimes. I love your souvenir of a good weekend.

stitching under oaks said...

sounds like a perfect weekend! So glad you got to get away and enjoy your sister's company! Everything looks so fun! Love your new jewelry set!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

It was your birthday? Happy Birthday! It was mine on Monday.

What a wonderful birthday present. I loved reading Mark's comment. You've got a keeper there.

So glad you had a special time together with your sister, and love the new jewelry.

Meg said...

Happy, happy birthday! I'm so glad you had a birthday adventure with your sister!

Firefly said...

How wonderful to have a sister that you're so close with! I'm so glad you had such a fun time on your birthday -- hope there was much laughter and silliness!

a friend to knit with said...

ha. you know i was wondering where in the world she was putting her horses!!!

you know, i feel TERRIBLE for forgetting it was your birthday! i MUST write these things down.... and become as organized as YOU!

as one that treasures time with her own sisters... i am SO happy that you had that. it truly can't be compared to anything!

Larissa said...

Such a wonderful time you two had! Art and books and good food and knitting in a weekend - how exciting! And i love your matching bracelets!

Rebekah said...

that sounds like the perfect weekend! That's so great that you and your sister share similar interests. Love your new jewelry!

Tom said...

It looked and sounded like you two had a great time. What a wonderful gift Kathy gave you. As I get older I realize what a wonderful gift the gift of time is. Uncle Tom

Jessica said...

I'm convinced that the best gifts are those that involve time. So happy that you had some fun with your sister. Happy Birthday again ;-) Love to you!

Kathy said...

Kristyn - I had a great time too, having some laughs and finding new things that we both love to do. I appreciate the time that we are able to spend together, it is invaluable to me. I love you!