Tuesday, June 29, 2010

42 before 43

I love lists! some of you already know this about me. if you visit this blog or my flickr often enough, you're already familiar with pictures of my lists. and in January I started a "list journal." (nothing fancy...just that black journal shown on top below). the goal- a place to record on-going projects, new ideas, to-dos, and notes to myself, which had previously been written on pieces of paper or post-it notes (that sometimes couldn't be located when needed).

I know at the end of the year I'll enjoy looking back at my life in lists. and while I'm not adding pictures or other scrapbooking items, I consider this a scrapbook of my life in 2010.
the blessing- getting all that "stuff" out of my head and written down. when it's out and in some kind of order, somehow I don't think of it as much. and as I get older, I'm finding it harder to keep track of everything required to keep my family in the places they need to be at the times they need to be there and running our household with a sense of peace and calm. to that end, my most used page has columns for "go, do, buy, and call." what do you use to keep your life organized?
sharing a page from my journal...this idea from maine mama.

42 before 43:
  1. update our will
  2. send a special card to a friend each month
  3. create an "all about me" scrapbook
  4. smile more
  5. photograph the glory of each season
  6. serve on a new committee at church
  7. fly a kite on the beach...again
  8. wear flip flops as much as possible- had to put them away...10/30
  9. sew a skirt
  10. knit a sweater to go with #9
  11. pay more attention to my fingernails-filed short, painted with pale pink
  12. make a necklace
  13. walk in a breast cancer benefit walk
  14. read 12 books- 1. summer on blossom street by debbie macomber; 2. lift by kelly corrigan; 3. for parents only by feldhahn and rice; 4. having a mary spirit by joanna weaver; 5. christmas at harrington's; 6. the christmas bus; 7. a promise kept; 8. the christmas sweater; 9. the farm chick's christmas
  15. make a new friend- hello stephenie and kristi!
  16. spoil an old friend with love
  17. avoid saying "yes" because I "have to"
  18. start a collection of "K"s- collection count- 3
  19. read to Connor before bed- mark has taken this one over for me.
  20. start a "note to self" journal
  21. loose 21 pounds
  22. piece a Christmas quilt top
  23. make my becky higgins' cross stitch sampler
  24. knit for charity
  25. visit Mickey Mouse
  26. just "be" on the beach
  27. get a pedicure to go with #8
  28. let go of insecurity
  29. go to more mudhens' games- only got to one.
  30. spend a weekend alone my sister
  31. meet up with blog friends- lisa, leslie
  32. find ways to let go of fear
  33. walk 400 miles
  34. hold hands with mark
  35. take more photos of myself
  36. encourage play
  37. memorize six new scripture verses
  38. let the boys be the first to let go of a hug
  39. honor mark with my words and actions
  40. let go of criticism
  41. say thank you more
  42. be happy on my birthday, whether this list is complete or not
I'm trying to cherish each day and focus on the little blessings I've been given...for when I look back these "little" things will be the big things.


Meg said...

I love this list! I'm funny about my fingernails, too. I never paint them because I'm always washing my hands or making things with them--the polish would never stay on! (Plus, when I have gotten manicures in the past, I usually chip the polish by the time I'm back in my car.)

If you're ever over toward Philadelphia, let me know--I'd love an in-person meeting!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What a lovely list of things to do. I find myself jotting things down on calendars, scraps of paper, and notebooks lying around the house. Keeping them all together in one book would make things so much easer :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Kristyn -- this is perfect. I'm totally going to borrow your list (but I'll have to add a couple more because I'm turning 45 -- FORTY-FIVE!! -- this year). But no matter what the list says, I think you're practically perfect just the way you are.

And lists are becoming a necessity the older I get.

From All Stitched Up said...

This is awesome ! I like the idea of keeping it all together. My lists are all over the place. I'm starting ASAP. Thanks for a great idea.

stitching under oaks said...

LOVE this! what a perfect fit for you, the queen of lists! And to think you'll have all those lists to look back on and see what comprised your days and your dreams when you were 42. we're gonna have to pray hard about the beach ones....fingers crossed. let me know when you plan the bloggers weekend....I'll be there. What's the becky higgin's cross stitch? we can go skirt fabric shopping when we're together...and of course I volunteer to be the old friend (if you need one!) Love you. Love this post!

Gloria said...

What a great list! I am a list person too, although as I am maturing in age a little more I am not as good at keeping the lists as organized as I use to. They end up here and there and everywhere...:)
I hardly EVER paint my fingernails (except for really special occassions, or for Easter so they will be pretty)! I have been blessed with healthy fingernails, I have been told, so that is a blessing. If not for that I can't imagine what they would look like!

Rebekah said...

what a great list! You've got a lot of really good and varied goals on there :)

I'm a big list maker too and my list notebook goes with me everywhere.

mark said...

i have printed the list for the express purpose of supporting or participating in as many 42's as i can. and i am so pleased to see that "become awesome" was absent from your list, because you have so already done that!

love you, sweet.