Sunday, March 14, 2010


so, larissa asked this question: "why is it so difficult to finish something that you know will bring you so much joy when it's complete?"

I've been carrying that innocent little question around with me over the past few weeks. each moment I was able to take time out to create, I asked myself "what project could I work to finish?"

completing my february lady sweater last week was a major wip checked off the list. I can remember back to the start...when I was so excited, full of anticipation of completing my first sweater. yet when the hard work of knitting each and every row, frogging mistakes, and learning new techniques came, I just couldn't make the time to finish...until larissa's question got me thinking about myself and why finishing can sometimes be so difficult.

my personal discoveries:
*just finish it! when I look at my list of finished projects, I realize they took less time to finish than the amount of time I invested thinking about finishing them!

*don't let fear get in the way! when I'm unsure of a new technique or next step, I can become paralyzed with fear (fear of making a mistake that I won't know how to correct or fear of "messing it up").

*"you can do anything for 15 minutes!" (says FlyLady) investing small amounts of time really add up. just like saving small amounts of money each month add up to a retirement fund, spending just 15 minutes a day can bring significant weekly progress.

*anticipate the completed! anticipate the finish just as much as the start, while taking time to enjoy the process along the way.

*keep the ratio 2:1! I now know I can only have two projects in progress for every one I complete. when too many things are calling my name, I become immobilized. what should I work on first?
thanks, larissa, for the one little question that led to a lot of personal insight, future personal growth, and a few completed projects, which I look forward to sharing with all of you this week.


Meg said...

Oh, I like your tips--it's so true that I can spend hours fretting over somthing that actually gets finished in a fraction of that time.

Gigi said...

Good stuff, Kristyn! I just posted a pic of a UFO, and now that I've shown it to 'the world', I really feel like I have to finish it. But like you said, fear (and lack of patience ;-) is a big thing with me. This particular item is embroidery, and I can't seem to get the stitches to look right on parts of it (arrrghhh!), so I just hid it away for a while. And anyway, it's just so much fun to start something new, isn't it ;-).

stitching under oaks said...

you are so right...why do we put off the inevitable when in the end it makes us so pleased to be finished? can't wait to see that fls!!!! great reminders girl!

GretchenJoanna said...

I just ran across your blog via Gigi's, and I am so happy to immediately find the post on Finishing Projects. I am going to print out your helpful points and post it somewhere prominent. Thank you!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Great posting....Lots of good advice to be found here. I think I've broken every "rule" though -- I have too many WIPs going to even count and fear of getting stuck totally makes me freeze up. Good to know that I'm in good company!

larissa said...

how fabulous is this?! so glad my question led you to posting all these great tips. i could totally benefit from all of these. right now my problem is that i want to sew and knit for myself so i start projects but then have to put them away because there are so many birthdays and new babies that i need to make for - i've started a ton of projects again and now i need to finish - you 15 minute rule is exactly what i need right now!

a friend to knit with said...

yep... personal growth. love that. and i love the moment that i actually FINISH! such an awesome feeling!! xx

Rebekah said...

you've got some excellent ideas here

I'm going to try to stick to the 2:1 ratio (I'm totally off balance right now and all of my WIPs are taking the joy out of crafting)

I totally need to implement the 15 minute rule too. I spend a lot of time at home doing nothing when I could be finishing up something small

Jessica said...

I'm spending some time visiting your lovely blog today. Catching up on all of the goodness.

These are all really helpful tips. I have started and not finished so many things because of fear (as you said). Sometimes I start hearing the negative monster....... "it's not good enough anyways"....... so I just quit. Even if something doesn't turn out the way I had hoped, I always feel so much better about completing it. It surely is about perserverence and personal growth. xx