Friday, December 11, 2009

it's a wrap

this week had:
~an emotional start~~a holiday performance~~final decorating~ ~a wrapping session~I have to admit organized as I am, I am a recovering late night Christmas Eve wrapper. as long as I can remember, I've been up wrapping gifts into the early hours of Christmas morning. this is not something I'm proud of but something I wanted to change. so this year we added a "wrap day" to our December Daily calendar.

having a few extra vacation days to take by the end of the year, Mark took off Thursday for the work day. I can't thank him enough for helping with what is usually a huge project. we now have 95% of our gifts wrapped, and the family gifts that needed to be mailed left us today. to say that I'm excited with the progress we made yesterday is an understatement. no late night wrapping for me! I think I'll join lisa..."I'm going to sit and knit on Christmas Eve." want to join us? pull up a chair, everyone's welcome.
~a start to a baking weekend~


stitching under oaks said...

I knew you'd post...amazing. I loved this post! So glad your week ended on a good note. I love how you wrapped your gifts this simple and so classic. Those spritz cookies look great. Do I have that recipe? Maybe I'll get these four girls to make some cookies for me this weekend! Love you.

Meg said...

I have a handful of gifts left to purchase, but nothing is wrapped, and I am dreading the wrapping. I mean, completely dreading. Probably because most of the gifts are stashed away in dark and hard-to-get-to corners of my closet, and I'm going to have to dig them out, wrap them, and hide them again! Next year, I'll wrap as I go, maybe?

I'm glad your week ended on a positive note. I'm off to make cookies for tomorrow's church party!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Luckily I did all my shopping before we left on vacation. Hopefully I can finish the wrapping this week and be done so I can enjoy the week before Christmas :)

Your treats look delicious!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Good for you, Kristyn. You're ahead of the curve. I love the design of your spritz cookies. I always do the same one or two designs -- I'm kind of afraid of that spritz gun! Now you can sit back, nibble on a cookie and watch the rest of us procrastinators suffer.

larissa said...

Kristyn, everything looks so good. I'm using the same brown paper this year (for the first time) and I love it. I hear you on the procrastinating - although i've got Hanukkah under control i'm behind on gifts for the teachers and friends celebrating Christmas. but no matter how things go I will be sitting and knitting - with you - on Christmas eve! and your cookies and bars look so yummy. hope this week goes just as well for you!

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

Sounds perfect to me! knitting away on Christmas Eve!

We stash the gifts in the basement of my husbands dental office and then we schedule a day to go and wrap them all (this Saturday is our marathon wrapping event) followed by dinner. We have a great system and can whip out wrapping gifts for four kids in no time.

a friend to knit with said...

i have so much left to do. it sort of makes me nervous. and then again, not. :)
i too am a late wrapper. i am going to get everything out today and see what i have left to do... and try to get that accomplished over the weekend.
you and your organized self have totally inspired me!

btw... LOVE your header.

Heather said...

Wow, you have so much goodness in one post. I love the way that you wrapped your gifts. Some simple and elegant. Spritz cookies have always been a favorite, and yours looks super yummy. I am with you on the Eve wrapping. Since I have had children, I have not gone to bed on Christmas Eve before 3 am. We also love midnight mass, so that be part of the problem as well. Hope you are having a great time getting ready for the holidays.

Ellen said...

Oh, I remember the pale green spritz cookies... both grandmothers (now gone) lovingly made a whole batch of these each year. I think one added in peppermint extract.