Saturday, November 14, 2009

family...a comfortable spot

just a week ago we were in new york state visiting mark's grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousin. it was a wonderful weekend full family moments. we send out a BIG THANK YOU to our hosts. the wonderful meals, the creating time, the excursions, and the quiet moments will all be cherished memories.
{ connor and great grandma color together }
{spencer assembles a mr. potato head pumpkin}
I love the smile on her sweet face.
{aunt linda-these hands create for the youngest among us}

{we spent saturday in cooperstown at The Baseball Hall of Fame.}

{I knew there a reason I loved uses the same tools as knitting!}

{this was one of my favorite shots of the day...capturing mark's reflection.}

this was one great family filled weekend. can you tell we love family?


stitching under oaks said...

what a wonderful weekend...great grandma looks like a sweetie. I'm sure she just ate up those boys! Linda's crochet work is that thread she's working with? Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

larissa said...

I love the photos of the various family members all creating around the table. kiddos and great grandmas go so well together - they truly enjoy one another's company. i agree with Lisa - that crochet is amazing! looks like a wonderful trip!