Wednesday, August 5, 2009

up, up and away!

he made it! thanks for your well wishes and prayers. spencer is now enjoying the high life in florida with grandma and grandpa.
he received a huge blessing along the way... a first class upgrade!! "I went ahead and put you in first class," was all the special gate attendant said about his new seat assignment as she walked him down the tunnel. he ended up in row 2 instead of row 41! he enjoyed the space, the comfort and the meal.
this is just one stepping stone on the path to more freedom and more independence. In the coming months there will be many changes, challenges, and inevitable differences of opinion, but I look forward to the maturing spencer taking on many more adventures. I want to enjoy the changes in him and the changes in me.


stitching under oaks said...

you didn't let him take your iphone?? did you??? he looks so grown up walking away with his backpack! So glad he touched down safely! Those are some great shots you captured.

Larissa said...

i'm with lisa - he looks so grown up walking away! this summer is the first time that it hit me that I cannot spend so much time with my demanding 4 year old and must spend as much one on one time with my eldest because he, too, is growing up so fast. I'm so glad spencer is having a great time!