Wednesday, July 22, 2009

back in my own bed

I'm finally back home sleeping in my own bed. two weeks is a long time to be away from home (especially without your own pillow)! I'm now playing catch up around here- meals to plan, groceries to buy, laundry to do, and activities to travel to. but I needed to stop by my creative place. mark and I both really tried to unplug this vacation. aside from uploading and looking at pictures and an occasional email, I think we succeeded. my words for wednesday have been my only contact the past few might be ready for some of the 'meat and potato' details of my life and my creations.

I'm excited about
::the new things I've started- a new book, a new sweater, and a new exercise plan incorporating this machine and this wii game
:: the projects that are now completed-my hilton head cross-stitch sampler and the knitting of my advent calendar.

it was a vacation filled with:
::helping my dad after double knee replacement surgery
:: sunfilled days :: the love of good family/friends :: beach time:: pool time:: kite flying :: family time:: finishing okay, i have no idea why this photo decided to go vertical when I shot it horizontal!

:: and starting
:: and a family reunion

the boys are looking forward to five days at aunt kathy's new house in ohio starting this weekend, and I can be honest and say that I am too. I have some grand plans for all that "alone" time. but for today, I'm off to learn the duplicate stitch, so my advent can be packed away until December.


stitching under oaks said...

It's always good to get back home again. Hope your days are filled with rest. Sounds like you're starting some great new things. Have a great Thursday!

Shannon said...

All of your beach pictures were so cute! I love coming home to my own bed after being away too. :)

signals3_t5 said...

All the photo is very happy to enjoy his life ...

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