Wednesday, June 24, 2009

right now

:: we're inside today, because the heat index is 100 and it's 91 degrees outside. so it's HOT!

:: the boys are each earning a bingo square having 'quiet time'- one with an ipod and the other's DS and one with the other's psp. yes...electronic time counts, but more on that in another post.
:: I'm doing laundry, thinking about a Girl Scout post and still knitting mittens.
what does your right now look like? go see ali's right now from this morning!


stitching under oaks said...

right now, I'm working on some jewelry and I just finished sneaking some pics of the kids as they play outside in the blow up pool! never too big for a blow up pool.

mark said...

right now i am reveling in the feeling of sitting next to you. sort of weird typing while you are sneaking a peek at what i am typing. but a revel nonetheless. wouldn't want to be anywhere else!