Sunday, May 17, 2009

monsters inc.

my boys amaze and inspire me each and every day. this post is specifically about the oldest of my two sons...spencer.

on thursday afternoon, he spent a long while in his room drawing and creating. this isn't unusual. both of my sons love to doodle, draw, and create. we have spiral notebooks full of their creations. so many that we sometimes don't have spirals for school. and it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to know when to keep or when to throw away their drawings.

when he came out of his "studio," he had created the monster series. he had drawn a collection of 10 monsters and the "key" for the creation of others.
the choices included body color, icons, eye style, mouth style, and horns.

I thought it was awesome until friday came...

friday, spencer came home from school focused on something. he immediately had a snack then had to have plain white paper. I sent him down to the printer for his stock. he then disappeared into his studio for what seemed like hours. when he emerged, he had a stack of newly created monsters. I was amazed. "spencer, we need to get you a binder to put all of these monsters in. this is amazing!" "just a minute," he said and disappeared into the studio. he came back with the sheet pictured below.
A MONSTER ORDER FORM from students in his class! he created all of these new monsters by request of his peers.
now, I have a creative side. but at his age I would have never thought about taking my creations to school, let alone sharing them with others! this simple act so inspired me!
step out.
take a chance.
share yourself.
be confident.
I will.
love you, spencer!!
**stay tuned for a webpage for you to request your own custom monster**


Journeying Five said...

so cute! as i write this, our office desk is littered with my oldest drawings as well. she however draws girls in intricate fashion. the detail amazes me. neat to see what motivates our kids. sounds like someone has been watching his mom's creative side.

stitching under oaks said...

It's no surprise that your children have such talent and creativity...just look at you and Mark. I've already sent my order to Spencer via email. I am not waiting on a webpage! I love these little monsters!

Liz said...

That is fantastic. I am so impressed. Not many of my students would have been that confident. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Spencer!

larissa said...

i love the "key" pages he designed. He is not only creative but so thoughtful to make these personalized gifts for his friends. Kristyn, we teach our kiddos by example and your son obviously appreciates all of the creating and giving you do. Way to go mom!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

How fun! You should be very proud of your son's creativity, I'm sure I know where he gets it :)

mark said...

i too was blow away by spencer's confidence in showing his classmates. and i loved the heart and pride you showed in sharing the story with me when i returned home that evening. i echo everyone's comments about the apple not falling far from the tree.