Wednesday, May 27, 2009

holiday preparation

when leslie shared her advent ornament project last year, I knew I wanted to make one for our home. thinking it would be another tradition we could share together as a family. and knitting it, what could be better?

so several months ago, I made my plan, my yarn list, and then...stalled. lost steam. do you ever do that? get totally excited about a project, an idea, a craft then stall on it's progress? I kept thinking "next month I'll catch up." but next month never seemed to arrive...until this weekend! I knew June 1st I wanted to have 12 of the 24 ornaments completed. with only knit, it was my crunch time.

so after finishing, I kept the ball of yarn rolling and got organized for a weekend of "pick up" knitting. I didn't obsess over finding knitting time, just quietly picked up the needles during down time. and this morning finished the NINE hats with their pom poms. number ten is already on the needles. and just like leslie, once I was started, I couldn't stop knitting little hats!
the pattern calls for you to make the poms without help. I just couldn't do it. my tops all looked silly. so off I went to michael's to purchase the pom pom maker. much better!

so I'm now well on my way to reaching my goal of 12 finished by June 1st. the mittens will follow, then the numbering and cords. it's a work in progress, but it's now a project in motion. what project do you want to get moving? go ahead! just take 15 minutes to work on it. and get the ball rolling again.


stitching under oaks said...

you GO girl! they look great! I can't believe how many you cranked out. How long does each little hat take? They look great! Merry Merry in the making! I'll start mine after the Rusted Root is done!

Gigi said...

They look so good, and I'm so envious of your gumption! I also decided to make that adorable advent bunting when I saw it on Leslie's blog last year, and I vowed to start on them after the first of the year. Have I made any yet -- not one! You've inspired me to get started. So much to knit -- so little time!

larissa said...

they look great and pom pom makers are the best - my kiddos love winding the yarn. I need to make some holiday decorations - but I can't bring myself to get motivated just yet - maybe after summer is over.

a friend to knit with said...

oh, kristyn! these are SO good.
i just love the colors...... it makes me tempted to make another set. like yours. but i think tempted will be as far as i get. :)
just think how great it will be to get your finished set out in December!!!

Journeying Five said...

oh my you are so organized! i am just so not there yet! i have a few christmas things i have wanted to make several years in a row! oh well, one day!

skeinsherway said...

Wow! Way to go with the planning ahead! I bet you'll actually bet your deadline goal...

Happy knitting-

alcaligenesv said...

I love the pom-poms! That was a great modification. I am in the midst of making the calendar myself and I saw your project on Ravelry and just had to go out and buy a pom-pom maker for myself.