Wednesday, May 6, 2009

girlfriend scarf

believe it or not, I still knit and currently have on the needles- a chunky knit beanie, ruffle scarf, my so called scarf and advent ornaments all for Christmas gift giving. in the finished department the scarf I started with lisa.
while I was with her over spring break, we were able to hit a few yarn shops solo {thanks to her most generous husband occupying all five of our children. thanks john!}. for our first stop, we traveled down to wool winders in rockville, md. this was a lovely shop. small, full of yarn, and full of lovely knitters. a small group of knitters were clikcking their needles and chatting as we shopped. as I listened, I longed for a 'few good friends' who I could knit sit and knit with for a spell each week.

as we wondered, lisa found a beautiful scarf just sitting on a table. once we located the yarn we had found a project! a simple seed stitch scarf made with a strand of Rowan kidsilk haze mohair and a strand of Koigu merino wool. choosing our colorwave of koigu proved to be the most challenging part of this project. both of these yarns were a dream to work with! I love the colors and ease of this project.
Pattern: friendship scarf
use one strand of each yarn. cast on 19 stitches. knit in seed stitch until the end of Koigu. my scarf finished at 58".
Yarn: one skein each- Rowan kidsilk haze mohair, shade #600-dewberry and Koigu merino wool, dye code P319
Needles: size 11

*special thanks to spencer for taking my photos*

I considered giving this scarf as a Christmas gift, but as soon as lisa named it the girlfriend scarf, I added it to my collection! it will forever be a reminder of my special friendship with lisa! go see her finished scarf and get the pattern here.


stitching under oaks said...

your scarf turned out so beautiful. Maggie and Kenzie like yours the best. I'm so glad we knit these together....keepsakes for sure. and by the way, you've got a lot on your needles right now! wow girl!

mark said...

it is hard to remember the time when you were not a knitter. and don't know the time before you were friends with lisa. both have brought such amazing joy to your life, bringing out your best. i thank God for lisa, and for your sister bond with her. and so that it does not get lost in the focus on your friendship, you did a masterful job on the girlfriend scarf! love you, sweet.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Your scarf is lovely! Beautiful color.

larissa said...

your scarf is beautiful! I love how yours looks the same yet ever so different from lisa's. that's the magic of knitting! and thanks for reminding me that seed stitch - being reversible - makes the perfect scarf.

a friend to knit with said...

oh kristyn. you and lisa have such a special bond... it truly radiates.
love the scarf... and the meaning behind it.

Journeying Five said...

love the scarf! sounds like a great friendship!