Tuesday, April 7, 2009


have you ever been used by God? if you're a believer, you're sometimes used without knowing it. your life may be the only Bible someone will ever read. then there are other times when you realized you were purposed to be used by God. today was one of those times for me.

in the midst of a slower than normal morning pace (because big guy is at science camp), connor and I had quite the conversation. after blessing little guy with breakfast in bed, I started baking brownies for work tonight and washing the breakfast dishes.

little guy wandered out to give me his dishes then wandered back to big guy's room for more ds play. but before reaching the room, he started a conversation.

this is how it went ...

c: mom, are we having an easter program at school?
k: no honey.
c: why not?
k: because easter is more of a Christian holiday and not everyone at school is a Christian.
c: are you, me, spencer, and dad Christians?
k: well, Christian is the name given to people who believe Jesus was the Son of God. that He came to earth to save us from our sin by dying on the cross. He rose from the dead and now lives at the right hand of God. and one day He'll come back for us.
c: I believe that!
k: have you prayed to ask Jesus to come live in your heart?
c: no.
k: would you like to?
c: yes. what do I say?
k: Jesus I believe you are the Son of God; you died for my sins; please come live in my heart forever.
c: can you pray for me?
k: no, you need to talk to Jesus yourself.
c: okay. Jesus, thank you for dying for me. I hope you'll forgive my sins and come into my heart. in Jesus' name, amen."
wow. pretty heavy, right? I've been walking around in a daze all day. so hard to put into words the emotions running through me. my blog anniversary will forever be a date to remember!
I planned a special celebration and giveaway today, but God had bigger plans! when I return home from work, I'll put together the post I thought I would write today.


stitching under oaks said...

WHOOOOOO HOOOOO! What a great day! We're celebrating Connor's new 'birth' day with you! We love you guys! Happy 'Birth' Day Connor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us as Connor joined the party. God intended "Life more abundant" to be a party for his family, we so often miss the joy of the party in our everyday lives as we let "stuff" take control over his party planning. Thanks for allowing God to use you as the tool today in Connor's life. Dad

Anonymous said...

It is sooooo wonderful when your child excepts Jesus and is saved and you know that you will all be together for eternity in heaven..God Bless,

Love the Dorees

Anonymous said...

Leading someone to the Lord is an awesome experience--being used to further His kingdom--but nothing tops leading your own little one. God is just beginning a great work in his life. Keep up all the training over the years then sit back and watch how God works in his life. What a legacy!! Rejoicing with you and Mark!!
Aunt Karen

skeinsherway said...

So sweet! What a blessing!