Tuesday, January 13, 2009

blessing the boys is so much fun!

today I had fun blessing all my boys!
blessing #1
It started early...I buttoned up and went out to start pmr's car and clean off the inch of snow covering it. I try to start it and warm it up as many days as I can. I know how much I hate to get into a freezing cold car {I'm now so spoiled with my remote start}, and I want him to enjoy his ride to work in a warm car.

After bundling up sor for his walk to school, cer and I went outside to play in the snow. you see, yesterday he got new black snow pants and was eager to try them out! so he ran around the backyard, while I used the snow blower to clear off the driveway. after that was finished I started making snowballs.
"what are you doing mom?"
"making snowballs for you and spencer."
"for what?"
"I thought it might be fun for the two of you to have a snowball fight after school. what do you think?"
"sounds fun. will you make some for me too?"
"yes. I'll put all the snowballs in the flower box and you can share them with spencer."
"oh. okay." and off he went leaping into the snow.
blessing #2
I made 60 snowballs for them to play with. they sat in the window box all day until my boys arrived home. I looked at them so many times today and smiled each time thinking about all the fun they would have when they arrived home. **see more about the snowballs at the end of this post**

blessing#3 was motivated by our goal of simplifying in 2009.
I was inspired by erin's packing list to create an errand list for cer in an effort to help him 1. stay occupied during errand days and 2. begin spelling and reading on his own. I listed our usual errand stops along with an illustration to help him figure out the word, added a box for him to check each stop off the list, and made copies. here you'll see our first list with cer's check marks and my numbers showing the order of our stops.
and here you'll see his clip board and the letters he practiced along the way. how fun is that?
you should have seen cer's face as I presented him with his own clipboard, errand list and pencil. he was so proud to be my helper. I explained how the errand list would work; we went through each word together; and we were off! it was so fun! I'm so proud of cer and to be honest, I'm proud of myself as well. my list wasn't perfectly written or illustrated. it wasn't on special paper. it wasn't...perfect. I resisted my perfectionist tendencies and did the project anyway!
back to blessing #2
the fun the boys had didn't disappoint. cer on one side of the yard; sor on the other. throwing until their pile was gone and then restocking and walking back to their positions. it took all of about 20 minutes for the snowballs to be thrown and end up somewhere in the backyard. well worth the time it took me to make them.

"blessing the boys is so much fun!"


stitching under oaks said...

You are such a good mom! So thoughtful...Sounds like you were blessed as you blessed them. I love that check off list you made for cer...so fun and official looking. His j is so precious on his handwriting page.

mark said...

close the balloting, mom of the year has just been awarded! you are such a blessing to "the" boys, myself included. what an incredible gift. just what you knew they would love. and as i told you yesterday, i often forget to ascribe the proper significance to the love you show me every morning in starting the man van for me. you are not really task oriented, you are love oriented. and i am blessed.

Rose said...

I love that list! What a great idea. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment!