Sunday, October 5, 2008

just say NO to perfection

thanks for all your nice and supportive comments! they mean a lot to me.
looking back, I'm thinking perfectionism was rearing it's ugly head last week. I kept hearing a voice saying "if you can't do it 'right' don't do it at all"-should have recognized perfection's face when I heard that and run the other way. But I believed that false thinking and stayed immobile.
Aby wrote a great post about this in relation to organization, but I believe perfectionism can impact any area of your life. so last week, these were some of the things I was unable to do 'perfectly', so they just didn't get done and thus made me feel overwhelmed and yucky- painting connor's bedroom {didn't think I had enough time}; completing the rosebud baby hat {wanted to complete it all at one time}; blogging {just didn't think I had anything creative to say}; and starting a new knitting project {just can't keep up with other knitters}.
so thanks to Aby's reminder, I'm giving myself permission to be less than perfect, actually totally imperfect. I'm allowed to start a project and work for as long as I can without feeling guilty. I'm allowed to work in small pieces on large projects. I'm allowed to post without creativity and without pictures. I'm allowed to start a project and not finish it for awhile.
the tasks that make up my daily docket is my life. there will never be a day that I have absolutely nothing to do. I will probably never complete every project I'd love to do.
what can I do? with God's help and guidance, I can find joy in the journey of each day! I can be totally present in my family moments. I can concentrate on the blessings. I can bring kindness, hope, and a smile to the world around me. Those things I can do.


stitching under oaks said...

Those blessings you bring are worth so much more than any project you could complete. Just think how much you could get done if you weren't jawing with me on the phone all the time..:)

Life in the Bizzy Lane said...

thanks for the link , i'm going to check it out. being able to find joy is so important. your blog brings me joy!