Saturday, September 6, 2008

september saturday summary

back to school
our week has been filled with wonderful memories.

it feels like just yesterday that I was taking spencer to the "kindergarten doors" and pushing baby connor in the stroller. it was all so new and so emotional. now spencer is in fifth grade and allowed to {finally} ride is bike to school alone. yes, I said alone. and yes, I allow him. we're ten minutes from school by bike, and he meets a few friends along the route. we took a few trial runs on monday for timing and bike lock practice, and tuesday he was ready! {isn't he handsome?}
next up ... kindergarten for connor

excited doesn't begin to describe how connor was feeling wednesday afternoon as we prepared to drive him to school. while dropping spencer for the first day seemed to be so emotional, this year I couldn't be sad with a little guy who was so happy! he was full of anticipation, readiness, and pure joy in being a kindergartner!
while spencer's big adventure was riding to school, connor's was riding the bus! I had planned on driving connor to school the first week {after all, I drove spencer his entire kindergarten year!}, but connor had different plans. he announced on thursday that he would be "taking the bus." alrighty then. this is actually riding on friday ... thursday he got on and off too quickly for photos!

I continue to struggle the first few weeks of September with sadness. my struggle began when spencer started first grade and started riding the big yellow bus. every year since, I seem to be melancholy, sad, and emotional at the start of school. thursday was my really sad day. lucky for me, I had a show scheduled {my first of the new season}, so I had a few tasks to finish. {note to self} be sure to schedule a show or shows during the first week of school to keep my mind busy. by friday, I was looking forward to the time alone in the afternoon and feeling a little less blue.

The speed at which time is passing ... oh my, oh my.


BizzyMommyKnits said...

time does pass way too quickly , especially the older i get i notice it more.your guys are very handsome! my eldest just started k-garten and it was a tough week this past week! for me , mind you not her :0) but that's a good thing right?

Tom said...

memories .... i remember you standing on my car seat next to me (before we knew better) as we passed a fast food restaurant in my home town, asking for hammy & fries .... hammy & fries. time with our family & friends is a most precious gift. Uncle Tom