Friday, August 15, 2008

savor summer ... t minus 18

  • I so enjoyed my day today. a day full of short blessings. I prayed for this kind of day. one lead by the Spirit doing the most important things.
  • the last day of VBS allowed me to spend another block of time at panera...this time working.
  • I set myself up on the slow side, in a corner, facing the wall with my ipod playing natasha bedingfield. you see, I'm a people watcher. I'm the odd one who is upset that I can no longer go to the airport early to pick up mark and just sit, watch, and imagine. I think I sometimes frustrate mark because I am constantly watching, wondering, and speculating about the people around us. I'm not sure why I think it's necessary to figure out such silly things. who cares why they're there; where they're going; what they're eating? I think I need more focus.
I haven't worked consistently this summer, so I had been feeling a bit 'out of touch' with my business. my stack of "to read/review/do" was growing fast and tall. today was just what I needed ... time. my challenge over this next week is to continue to find time.

just me on a Spirit filled day.

self portrait
another favorite skirt from target, my favorite fossil watch, and of course there was some knitting.

photo by sor


stitching under oaks said...

if only we could remember to tap into Him each and every day on a minute by minute basis...great reminder! whatcha knitting? looks like a dishCLOTH.

mark said...

what a beautiful way to describe your day

i love your writing, it's more than exciting

to read your voice, is daily my choice

you're a treasure without measure

something, something that rhymes with measure

(oh wait ... being married to you is the definition of pleasure)