Monday, July 28, 2008

blessed by results

sorry I've been away. I've missed this place of mine. just too busy, too distracted for visiting before now. this week we're on vacation in hilton head, south carolina. I've gotten some rest, been filled with friendship love from lisa, and gotten some vitamins via the the sunshine and now feel somewhat refreshed. so much has happened. check back later this week for project updates and vacation pictures.
medical challenges

friday I was blessed by a call from kris. all I remember hearing is "the margins are clear!"

"praise the Lord!", I said. she is healing nicely from the surgery and now encouraged by her test results. we now wait until late august for her visit to the chemo doctor, when they will determine future treatments. thank you for your continued prayers as she battles breast cancer.

my grandmother is now resting comfortably as well, after having a "re-charge" heart procedure today. I called to check in with her earlier. a tired voice perked up after hearing spencer and connor were well and enjoying vacation. "that connor just gives me a charge" a woman of few words but much love. we have all been blessed by more days with her in our lives.

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