Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just a hair shorter

well, he did it! spencer decided it was time to get a "trim"!
he went from this: to this:

it's been two years since I've seen that much of spencer's forehead! isn't he handsome?

me being the conserative one, you might be surprised that his hair was ever that long. but I'm trying to choose my battles wisely. there will be battles, but hair isn't the one I'm choosing right now. things with eternal consequences... now them are fightin' things.
and not to be outdone by big brother...when connor realized I was taking "blog" photos, he had to be included as well. connor doing "the tree" pose he learned on the wiiFit-yoga .

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Anonymous said...

Spencer...welcome back! So good to see you! We love your face! Nice haircut! Aunt Lisa and Uncle John