Tuesday, May 20, 2008


sent cer to his room today for disobeying mommy.
went in to "talk" about how to act and how not to act.
found him playing on his bed with his star wars guys.
is it still punishment when you're sitting on your bed play acting with star wars figures?

i'm not sure anything i do impacts him.
he's in such a "do what i want" stage.
it's hard to have two boys who are totally different.
spencer would obey; connor does not.

i can only pray my way through each day at this point.
God, give me mercy, patience, wisdom, and grace.
give me the words to say and take away the ones i shouldn't.
teach connor when i'm unable.
allow him to learn while maintaining his childlike spirit and engaging smile.
give me patience, lord, give me patience.

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