Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a full week

I'm midway through the week and many of the projects I was "stressing" about on Monday are now complete.
one sales meeting finished.

the 4th grade recorder recital was today. spencer was in the front row next to Lexie and Kenzie. After weeks of practicing his four songs, they made perfect harmony with all the other recorders (and also perfect sense). I was concerned when I couldn't recognize the songs or even imagine the notes of the recorder as a song. :)

you'll have to enjoy the photos out of focus- we were in the back and had to zoom zoom to get close to spencer, not to mention he was sitting behind the music stand! what luck! of all the seats in the gym, we were postioned to watch spencer from behind the music stand! after the concert, the pto treated the students and parents to cookies and juice. connor and I were then off to miss bonnie's retirement luncheon. retirement gift to make, one to buy, one retirement luncheon to attend

connor and I were off to his preschool to wish blessings and congratulations on miss bonnie as she retires at the end of the year! I volunteered to collect money, come up with an idea and carry it out. this is what I (with some help from my creative husband) came up with: a special teacher poem framed and signed by the Class of 2008 and gift cards to her favorite places.

yesterday was a beautiful warm, sunny day. the perfect day to create a gift card flower pot out in our garage. just in case you'd like to create your own-i started with one flower pot; stuffed the bottom with target bags for bulk; filled the top with popcorn; glued clothes pins upside down to craft sticks; added a ribbon for color; then added the gift cards for blossoms.

our class gift gets received with lots of love-

one show complete, one thursday, one friday

the things on my mind haven't gone away although some of them have escaped the treadmill that is my mind and made it to a yellow legal pad that I "stole" from mark. what's his is mine and what's mine is mine, right?? more teacher gifts to come. the end of year gifts are in the planning stage...on that yellow legal pad.

haven't even had time to write about our new van!!

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